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Ann Taylor stores locations in database: 348
Largest shopping mall with Ann Taylor store: Potomac Mills 

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The founder of the brand Ann Taylor was Richard Liebeskind, who opened the first store of this brand already in 1954. No wonder that Ronn ventured into the clothing industry - the reason was also the fact that his father owned a clothing store. The name Ann Taylor, which Ronn chose for his brand, was originally the name of the best-selling dresses in the shop of his father. Another reason why Ronn wanted to use that name, was a magical combination of these two words - Ann refers to a classic New England name and Taylor evokes the idea of tailored clothing. Also a carefully chosen name is the reason why Ann Taylor brand has experienced so huge success and is a fixed star in the field of women's fashion. Today the brand Ann Taylor offers luxury and elegant clothes. Products of this brand are sewn from the finest materials, perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. If women want to excel in society, they know that the best option is to dress up models from Ann Taylor. With these clothes they will always win, and nobody has ever eclipsed them. Ann Taylor has in its wide range, for example, blouses, skirts, dresses, sweaters, T-shirts and much more. Do not miss the latest Ann Taylor collection and make yourself beautiful woman, full of verve and optimism.

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The Ann Taylor founded: 1954
Store locations: about 300
The Ann Taylor operates in North America.