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LOFT stores locations in database: 622
Largest shopping mall with LOFT store: Great Lakes Crossing Outlets 

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LOFT brand has existed since the nineties, which was the era of really horrible fashion trends. However LOFT, which was established in 1996, has shared, with a not very tasteful fashion of 90s, perhaps only the date of birth. Otherwise, it is a modern young brand that offers all-purpose ladies wear for women of all ages who have one aim - to look great and feel comfortable always and everywhere, whether they spend day by working or vacation. From classic clothing for everyday wear to very trendy clothes, in the offer of LOFT every woman will find exactly what she needs. Thanks LOFT collections, every woman can get dressed comfortably from head to toe and what more, at reasonable prices. LOFT brand is also popular because it creates real and very lasting relationships with its customers - for example, through a reliable in-store stylists or its optimistic communication. In 2007 LOFT presented very popular collection of clothes for women on maternity leave, which was sold under the motto "Because you have a LOFT to expect." Brand LOFT falls under the company Ann Inc., together with brands Ann Taylor and Lou & Grey.

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LOFT founded: 1996
Store locations: more than 650
LOFT operates in United States, Canada and Mexico.