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Largest shopping mall with ecko unltd. store: Glendale Galleria 

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EckĊ Unltd. (shortly called just Ecko) is an American clothing brand, which focuses primarily on urban lifestyle. This brand, with the typical rhino in its red logo, is also associated with graffiti. Ecko was founded in 1993 by a fashion designer Marc Milecofsky and within 10 years it has become a global leader in youth culture. Already before the founding of Ecko, Marc occupied with selling graffiti-style t-shirts. Ecko foundation would not along without financial assistance in the form of investments from Marc´s twin sister Marci and friend Seth. This investment had definitely paid them because in 2009 Ecko had global revenue higher than 1 billion dollars. The fashion of the "street and urban style" has become rapidly popular among young people. That´s because Ecko is able to combine music, video games, action sports, and many other aspects in its clothing design. Currently you can buy goods from this popular brand at more than 5,000 locations worldwide and of course through their websites.

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Ecko Unltd. founded: 1993
Store locations: over 100 stand-alone stores + 5,000 boutiques
Ecko Unltd. operates in 60 countries worldwide.