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IHOP stores locations in database: 71
Largest shopping mall with IHOP store: Westfield Westland Shopping Centre 

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Did you know that March 8 is the International day of pancakes? Not only during this day are branches of IHOP totally full. Who wouldn´t accidentally know what is behind this abbreviation, here's a little explanation - International House of Pancakes. The brand was founded in 1958 by Al and Jerry Lapin and two other investors - the first branch was in Toluca Lake, California. It was a really good idea what has turned out over two years, when IHOP has won favor with many loyal customers and began work on a franchise system. In the sixties, IHOP even acquired some franchised brands, like Love's Wood Pit Barbecue or Golden Cup Coffee Shops, and after few years it was firstly used the acronym IHOP. In 1992 it opened the 500th branch of IHOP and a year later, sales exceeded $ 1 million. IHOP success continued in a similar vein to this day, when the brand has over 1,500 branches mainly in Canada, United States and the Middle East. In the IHOP menu you can find pancakes, omelets, salads, sandwiches, crepes and lots of other goodies with which you will have more pleasant morning. After all, the brand slogan is: Everything You Love It makes our mouth water, what about you?

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The IHOP founded: 1958
Store locations: 1,650
The IHOP operates in United States, Canada and Middle East.