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In 1982, young, only 28-year-old Rebecca Matthias started sold maternity apparel through mail-order. Her aim was to sell maternity apparel to other professional women who, like her, couldn´t find suitable maternity clothes to wear to the office. A few years later, the small company has become a giant corporation, which currently brings together three brands: A Pea In The Pod, Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity. Motherhood Maternity is now popular among millions women, primarily because of the high quality materials used and very tasteful cuts. Motherhood Maternity offers a complete collection of maternity clothing, which holds the latest fashion trends, but it is still available for really low price. Under this brand you can find everything from sexy and sophisticated clothing to bold and beautiful. The brand is also related to another brand, Motherhood Nursing - in its offer you can find a fantastic line of fashionable nursing tops and dresses suited to all women’s needs.

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Motherhood Maternity founded: 1982
Motherhood Maternity operates in Canada and United States.