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Jimmy Jazz stores locations in database: 83
Largest shopping mall with Jimmy Jazz store: The Parks at Arlington 

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Jimmy Jazz is for more than 20 years popular clothing brand, whose stores are mainly in the northeastern part of the United States. For the emergence of this brand stands founder James Khezrie who founded this brand as a response to the growing demand for popular menswear in New York. It didn´t take a long time and the first Jimmy Jazz store was opened on Delanco Street in Manhattan – it was named after Khezrie's favorite song from The Clash. More than 170 Jimmy Jazz stores are currently located both in shopping malls, as well as in their own retail spaces across the United States. Brand focuses on selling premier lifestyle, streetwear and footwear brands like Levi's, Decibel, Nike or Adidas. The aim of the Jimmy Jazz brand is to bring the latest in-demand brands to their shoppers. Alongside Jimmy Jazz strives to be willing to help all customers, offer them premium services and last fashion trends. Currently, the brand focuses not only on menswear, but also on women and children collections, and it is also possible to do the shopping through their website.

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Official Jimmy Jazz pagewww.jimmyjazz.com

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Store locations: more than 170 stores, located in major streets, centers, shopping malls in the United States, including over 30 in the New York Metro area
Founded by: James Khezrie
Main products: premier lifestyle, streetwear and footwear brands