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Zumiez stores locations in database: 643
Largest shopping mall with Zumiez store: Potomac Mills 

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Any true lover of snowboarding, motocross and skateboarding in the United States and Canada at least once visited the store Zumiez. This brand has existed since 1978 when it started with a small store at Northgate Mall in Seattle. Originally Zumiez was called Above the Belt and in the second half of the 80s, along with the expansion of its stores, it was renamed to Zumiez. Zumiez currently has more than 500 stores throughout United States and Canada, and of course you can buy its clothes also through its website. Under Zumiez is now possible to find everything from clothing and footwear through DVDs and hard goods for skate to all accessories for active lifestyle which you can dream of. Company motto is "We do what others have only dreamed of" and this is connected not only with the offering of goods, but also with the design of Zumiez stores. Because Zumiez largest target group are teenagers, according who Zumiez stores are design - the theme of them is "organized chaos" because it is consistent with many teenager's lifestyle. Maybe this approach is the reason why the Zumiez is among young people so much popular. Moreover, Zumiez stores are not definitely small; their size is usually around 2,900 square foot. In order to get the most customers to store and encourage them to stay there as long as possible, in Zumiez stores are also very comfortable couches and TVs with video games. Well, who wouldn´t liked this store?

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Zumiez founded: 1978
Store locations: more than 500
Zumiez operates in United States and Canada.