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Kitchen Collection stores locations in database: 241
Largest shopping mall with Kitchen Collection store: Millcreek Mall 

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Since 1980 the brand Kitchen Collection has existed in the United States, which stores were perhaps at least once visited by every housewife. As the name suggests, inside can be found everything that will come in handy in the kitchen - and lots of other gadgets that actually nobody needs, but which look great. Among the brands from which you can choose at Kitchen Collection products is for example Cuisinart, Wusthof, KitchenAid or Nordic Wear. Of course, there is also the private label Kitchen Collection and high-end Hamilton Beach. Kitchen Collection propagates that its goal is not to have the widest range of products for the entire market, but it's about having the right assortment of quality items at the right price for its customers. Kitchen Collection stores can be currently found as in traditional shopping malls, as well as the outlet malls almost across whole United States. Let´s visit one of its stores or website where you can buy - choose new accessories to your kitchen and make yourself happy! As stated in the company's motto: All your kitchen needs ... for less!

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Kitchen Collection founded: 1980
Store locations: 250
Kitchen Collection operates 42 states of US.