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Largest shopping mall with Nike store: Dolphin Mall 

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An important US company producing mainly sportswear and sports accessories with the activities all over the world - yes, we're talking about Nike. An interesting thing that hardly anybody knows is that the company was founded in 1964 by athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. Seven years after founding the company was created the iconic logo, which is currently one of the most famous logos across the globe - logo represents the wing of the Greek gods, and that's because the name Nike derived from the Greek goddess of victory Nike. Originally, the company was not involved in producing sportswear, but it was only a distributor of Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger - now known as the brand Asics. Currently, Nike sells all sports equipment from the jerseys, shorts, cleats over clothes for almost all sports activities to popular series of Nike AirMax shoes. Nike is a very popular brand among young people and, thanks to its collections of urban fashion clothing, is also popular in youth culture and hip hop culture.

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Nike founded: 1964
Nike operates in 59 countries all around the world.