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Largest shopping mall with Sunglass Hut store: Destiny USA 

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Sunglass Hut is a globally known brand, whose offer includes luxury sunglasses and accessories for them as well as watches. The history of the brand began in 1971, when optometrist Sanford Ziff opened his small stand with sunglasses at Dadeland Mall in Miami. Many people were interested in his glasses - it evidenced the fact that 15 years later he opened his 100th store and achieved annual sales of $ 24 million. In 1991, sales were four times higher and amounted to $ 100 million annually. In 1996, Sunglass Hut managed to get to the true highlight, where the company covered over 30% of US sunglass market. From this year, in the portfolio of the brand can be also found watches and so it was created the first stores Sunglass Hut-Watch Station. Since 1998, when the Sunglass Hut entered the field of ecommerce, it has been also possible to buy these sunglasses from anywhere around the world - through its website. Year after year, the success of this brand is growing more and more, and no wonder - sunglasses from Sunglass Hut are not only trendy, but also made from premium materials. That is the reason why you can see them on the faces of famous stars or notice that the brand has become in 2015 the official partner of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend.

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The Sunglass Hut founded: 1971
Store locations: 2,000+
The Sunglass Hut operates in more than 20 countries all around the world.