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Largest shopping mall with Tommy Hilfiger store: Concord Mills 

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Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion brand for men and women. Its history notionally began already in 1951, when, as one of nine children, was born its founder, Tommy Hilfiger. His career started early when he began to treat jeans according to customer requirements. Its success led to opening his own store called The People's Place, which prospered - but after the flood, as a result of Agnes hurricane, the store was completely destroyed and after seven years, it terminated business. Then Tommy Hilfiger moved to New York, where he focused on launching his own brand, which was introduced to the world in 1985. The brand Tommy Hilfiger expanded rapidly and is now one of the most famous and sought-after fashion brands in the world. Tommy Hilfiger brand combines fresh American style with unique details. It provides a classic and at the same time interesting models for customers who are looking for quality from fashion designers at an affordable price. It is characterized by its high quality and simple design that combines sporty and classic style.

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Tommy Hilfiger founded: 1985
Store locations: about 1,400
Tommy Hilfiger operates in 90 countries all around the world.