Do you like visiting anchor stores in shopping malls?

 May 10, 2015   Anchor stores

You can find it almost everywhere, in every major shopping mall or shopping center. It is a big store, very similar to supermarket and its aim is to attract maximum of customers and to patronize other stores in shopping mall. We are sure that you know about what we´re talking, it is an anchor store!

What is the exact definition of the anchor store?

To complement the meaning of anchor store is also important to add that the concept of anchor store became current in the first half of the fifties. At that time, shopping malls and shopping centers begun to spread and they needed to get a bigger sum of money to finance their operations - and just anchor stores could bring the solution.

The benefit of anchor stores is for example the effort to attract maximum customers not only for shopping in anchor stores but also in other stores in the shopping mall. That´s why anchor stores are often located wide apart each other to increase the movement of customers in shopping mall and the potential chance of voluminous purchase.

Currently, for the anchor store is also used the name “draw tenant”, “anchor tenant” or “key tenant” and the most popular anchor stores are Macy's, Dillard's, Sears, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales. The regional shopping centers (in area up to 800,000 square feet) have usually two anchor stores and in superregional shopping centers (which are bigger than 800,000 square feet) could be found usually three or more anchor stores.

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