We enjoy shopping at department stores Saks Fifth Avenue & Sears!

 Feb 11, 2015   Department Stores - miniseries

In our short series about American department stores, we have introduced all the most famous and most important of them. But, we have forgotten two of them, without which our list certainly is not complete! One of them is Saks Fifth Avenue and the other one is Sears, both will be briefly introduce to you today.

One of the most luxurious department stores? Saks Fifth Avenue!

This department store is certainly in the category "upscale" and offers premium goods that simply will engage everyone. The first Saks Fifth Avenue store was opened in 1924 in New York in Manhattan, where it stands till today and contains 54 various shops which are visited every day by thousands of customers. Biggest competitors for Saks Fifth Avenue are other upscale department stores such as Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

There are currently over the United States more than 40 branches of Saks Fifth Avenue, which offer a rich variety of goods - from clothing and shoes, over designer handbags, jewelry and bedding to furniture and house products. Shopping in Saks Fifth Avenue can be a quite challenge for your wallet, but it is definitely worth visiting! Or go to their website where you can also shop and if you spend more than $ 100, you get free shipping.

It is cheaper but still perfect

The last department store, which we mention in our small series, is Sears. The classic type of department store boasts a tradition dating back to 1886. Since that time have arose their branches throughout the United States – now there are nearly 900 of them. Dozens more are also in Canada and Mexico. In all of Sears’s branches you will find not only clothing, but also beauty products, housewares, tools, appliances and many other items at very reasonable prices.

The Sears department store also operates a lot of their exclusive brands. If you are looking for automobile parts and insurance, so definitely go to an Allstate. Dean Witter Reynolds offers financial services, at Kenmore you will find appliances, JC Higgins offers sporting and camping goods and Celestiar Star specializes in jewelry. In Sears everyone will find something!

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