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Probably every American man and woman aged 20 to 30 years at least once a life shops in Express. This popular American specialty apparel and accessories retailer has gained experience for more than 30 years with offering not only fashionable clothes, but also clothes made of quality materials. The first store of the brand was called Limited Express, was opened in 1980 in Chicago and focused on women's fashion. In just 6 years, the brand had grown by an additional 250 stores and began testing sales of menswear – it has official started in 1989 under the name Structure. Stores in which it was possible to buy women's and men's Express clothing, was opened in 2004. Express is now focused on selling clothes for all occasions, from work through casual and jeanswear to going-out occasions. Express very focuses on selling jeans offered in several different styles (divided by type/shape), which include for example Mia style, Blake style or Rerock style. Let's go and find your favorite one in one of its more than 600 stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Most of the stores are placed in shopping malls and lifestyle centers, but if they are too far from you, you can simply buy through Express website.

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Express founded: 1980
Store locations: 640
Express operates in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and as a franchise in Middle East and Latin America.