Grand Bazaar Shops in Las Vegas were finally opened!

 Jun 01, 2015   General

In this February the shopping area Grand Bazaar Shops were finally opened - it is located on the busiest intersection in the entire Las Vegas. The opening was expected for a long time and both customers and retailers were already really impatient. Check with us, why the visit at Grand Bazaar Shops will surely pay!

Well-known brands as well as smaller boutiques

Much anticipated shopping area on two acres of outdoor shopping promenade connects the big brand names, intimate boutiques and international flavors. In total there are more than 120 stores including exclusive first-to-market brands and unique international retailers. The very concept of the Grand Bazaar Shops is different from traditional shopping malls - it is a shopping area at the 50-yard line of the Las Vegas Strip. Thanks to this divergence from traditional shopping malls, Grand Bazaar Shops are enjoying great popularity with visitors.

At one point, you can find a very dynamic mix of retailers and restaurants with culture, fashion, food, and a multitude of engaging experiences. This is actually some kind of modern marketplace where visitors can haggle about prices, watch live art performances or explore virtual showrooms.

Stores among which is something for everyone

More than 120 stores, which can be found Grand Bazaar Shops, are large in the range from 150 to 300 square feet. The dining area stretches more than 26,000 square feet with diverse array of food, bar and restaurant concepts.

And what kind of stores can be found at the Grand Bazaar Shops? If you want to buy apparel, you should visit Envy Boutique or b.young. If you want to buy a wide variety of accessories and jewelry, so you cannot miss Swarovski, Bling Co. or Swatch.

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