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Banana Republic started its history in 1978, when it was opened the first store in Mill Valley, California. The first focus of brand Banana Republic was oriented on camouflage suit models and for traveling to Africa. Origin is therefore referred to as the so-called Safari style. In the beginning Banan Republic specialized in the production of travel and safari clothing, which distributed via its catalog. In 1983, Banana Republic was bought by Gap. After the buyout, the company began producing luxurious clothes, also began producing fashion accessories. At the present time, Banana Republic boasts more than 750 stores worldwide and range, which includes fashion collections as well as sunglasses, handbags, perfumes, shoes and all kinds of other fashion accessories. Every fashion brand focuses on a specific range. Banana Republic is proud to be the leader in leisure-time style. Women's and men's collections, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, shoes, all this and much more offers fashion brand Banana Republic.

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The Banana Republic founded: 1978
Store locations: 750
The Banana Republic operates all around the world.