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Ecco is a Danish company that produces and sells shoes and was founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy under the name Venosa. At the beginning Toosbuy contended with partial failures, but in 1969 everything changed for the better with the new company name, new design, modified technology and business strategy. The most substantial success was the introduction of Ecco Joke shoe model in 1978, which became a bestseller not only in Denmark but also in many other countries. Three years later Ecco shoes became the best-selling shoes in the world. Although the company originally started only with manufacturing and selling shoes, today it focuses on a broader portfolio of leather accessories. Ecco shoes are primarily known for its high comfort - made from natural materials, in conjunction with the most modern technology Ecco shoes perfectly take care of the human foot - this is the main motto of the company. The company Ecco produces 80% of its products in its own factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, while the remaining 20% is produced under license in number of other countries. Ecco products can be bought not only in classic stores, but also through the website.

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Ecco founded: 1963
Store locations: 1,215 Ecco stores and 1,845 shops-in-shops worldwide
Ecco operates in United States and Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia - together in more than 30 countries.