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Largest shopping mall with Izod store: Woodburn Company Stores (Woodburn Premium Outlets) 

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If you prefer the dressy-casual style of dressing, you should definitely know the brand Izod. Izod has existed since 1938 and in its offer (which is oriented to men) is, in addition sportswear also footwear and accessories. It is quite possible that you already know what we are talking about – a number of people have associated with the Izod brand the short-sleeved piqué polo shirt, the best known item of this brand which was formerly produced by Lacoste. Yes, that's the polo shirt with the small crocodile on the left breast. Izod name is associated with the British tailor´s Jack Izod shop, which engaged the American businessman Vincent De Paul Draddy. Jack Izod retired shortly and Draddy bought the rights to use the brand Izod. It definitely paid it to invest to it because it had already built up considerable name - its logo was for example on the Windsor tie -knot for King George V. From the 50th to 90th of the last century Izod brand was known mainly because of its cooperation with the brand Lacoste who supplied the Izod brand even more prestige. Draddy should also have a great marketing plan – he gave Izod shirts to several of his friends, coincidentally they were really popular people – e.g. J. F. Kennedy or Bing Crosby. Once these men dressed the shirts, the popularity of Izod increased dramatically. In the 90s, however, the brands split, which does not hurt either one of them. At present you can buy clothes from Izod in department stores Macy's, Kohl's, Belk and JCPenney.

Brands: Izod Classix, Izod Luxury Sports, Izod Jeans, Izod PerformX

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The Izod founded: 1938
The Izod operates in United States.