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Largest shopping mall with Kay Jewelers store: Dolphin Mall 

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If you live in America and get a hankering for purchase beautiful jewelry, you are often first thinking of Kay Jewelers. One of the largest retail jewelry brands has currently nearly 1,100 stores across United States. Before Kay Jewelers has become well known brand throughout the whole US, it was just a simple idea of two enterprising brothers - Sol and Edmund Kaufmann. In 1916, they have opened the first store Kay Jewelers, which didn´t offer only jewelry. In the wide range of products could be also found eyeglasses, musical jewelry boxes and even electric razors. They also focused on beautifying homes and under the slogan "home, sweet home" they sold silverware sets or kitchen appliances. Since then, the range of goods rapidly changed, but one thing has remained the same - Kay Jewelers still offers its customers first-class service and quality products even though it falls under Sterling Jewelers Inc. At present, the most Kay Jewelers stores can be found in regional malls, power centers and outlet malls, where usually occupy an area of about 1,600 square feet. In addition to selling jewelers Kay Jewelers dedicates to support sick children - it is one of largest corporate sponsors of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and helps children overcome cancer and other serious diseases.

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Kay Jewelers founded: 1916
Store locations: about 1,100
Kay Jewelers operates only in United States.