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Largest shopping mall with Lids store: Destiny USA 

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Lids, American specialized retailer of headwear, is celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of its founding. The original idea for the founding of this company was that everyone attends a professional or a college sports team or supports it, and everyone has $ 20 in pocket. With this in mind, the founders of Lids, Glenn Campbell and Scott Molander, decided to start their business on the sale of headwear symbolizing the membership of a certain sports team. For the first year of their business more than 6,000 hats were sold and during the first five years from the founding of Lids, 157 stores were opened. Currently, the most of Lids stores is placed in shopping malls and factory outlet centers and of course there is a possibility to shop via their website.

Brands: Lids, Lids Clubhouse, Lids Locker Room, Lids Team Sports

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Lids founded: 1995
Store locations: 1131
Lids operates in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.