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California is an inspiration for many fashion brands, and also for PacSun. The brand, founded in 1980, is inspired by the style of young people from the area of California. PacSun was founded by two friends, Tom Moore and Jack Hopkins with the idea "bringing the beach to the people". That it was a good idea it turned out in a few months when the business of these two guys began really flourish. Tom became the face of the brand, after all, he was the surfer; Jack contrary, took care of the business side of the company and other practical things. Two years later they joined partner Randy Blumer, and the trio began to open up a range of other stores, especially in California. The success of the company has since grown and PacSun for the years of its existence has become very well-known and popular brand of clothing for not only young people from across the United States. At present PacSun offer includes tees, tank, jeans, flannels, bikinis, dresses, skirts, shoes, sandals and many other clothing and accessories. If you don´t know where is your nearest PacSun store, you can easily buy through its website.

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The PacSun founded: 1980
Store locations: 610
The PacSun operates in all states of United States.