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Cato Fashions stores locations in database: 36
Largest shopping mall with Cato Fashions store: Gateway Plaza 

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Cato was founded in 1946 and it focuses on women's fashion specialty retail stores. Cato brand falls under the company Cato Corporation, together with other brands: It's Fashion, Versona and Credit. In the offer of the clothing brand Cato, you can find everything what a modern young woman highly appreciates - dresses, coats, shoes, lingerie, costume, jewelry and handbags too. The latest fashion styles for any occasions, exactly this is a thought of Cato, and the company strives to do anything to observe it. Cato stores can be found mainly in strip shopping centers anchored by national discounters or grocery stores. Cato brand can boast a history from the 40s of the last century, but certainly it follows current trends. Millions of customers can enjoy shopping not only in more than 1,300 stores but also through Cato´s website. Millions of women throughout the United States Clothing fell in love with this brand...  And no wonder, as Cato says: You can count on Cato for new fashions every week at low prices, every day!

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Cato founded: 1946
Store locations: more than 1,300
Cato operates in 32 states of United States.