Do you know which stores in US are the most popular?

 Jun 28, 2015   General

On the basis of how the American people attend some stores, a list of those that are popular among customers was compiled. Data were collected over the previous year and it wasn´t not only about the attendance to certain stores, but the entire chains. Some results were surprising, some more or less expected. So how everything turned out?

The most popular are fast foods, discount retail and drug stores

There´s no wonder that on a top of survey are placed these three mentioned categories. Discount retail is very popular because of its low prices and as well as a wide range of goods. To fast foods, people also go due to low prices. Perhaps for someone may seem quite odd the position of drug stores so high when the drugs are not cheap - it's because just a few chains dominate the whole industry. And they have a high percentage of visitors.

Unsurprisingly, the first place belongs to Walmart - it is interesting that in the last year Walmart was visited by more than half of all Americans. Wow! That's a hefty number. No other store in the US can boast with this statistic.

McDonald´s, Subway and Taco Bells are on the top

Add Burger King to the above-mentioned fast foods and there are four of the most popular fast foods in America. They´re not favorites only due to low prices but also because of their many locations - thanks that every American has some fast food near. As well as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts achieved very good results.

The key elements behind the high attendance of all these stores and fast foods are definitely branding and marketing. Five of the ten most popular chains in America are also on the list of biggest advertisers, which means they invest the largest sums in advertising. These brands advertised for two reasons - firstly, to promote news, discounts and other attractions; secondly, to keep their brand in consumers’ minds. Because even the biggest American brands need to invest in advertising to prevent that customers can forget them.

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