Finally, Primark stores will be in USA too!

 Sep 29, 2015   General

It looks like we finally lived to see that the Irish brand Primark opens its first stores even beyond the borders of Europe. According to information from August directly from Primark, its first store in the US will be opened at Downtown Crossing in Boston! Are you looking forward to like we are?

Clothing at a low prices, but in fashion design

Outside of one store in Boston, Primark plans to open even 7 other stores in the US. Their locations are not known yet, but according to the official statement, these stores should be located close to areas of high-urban density. During the next month, Primark stores would have been opened in King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia and in one of the shopping malls on Staten Island in New York City.

Primark brand has been existed in the field of fashion industry for more than 40 years; it was founded in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland. Surprisingly, in its home country Ireland, it is not known as Primark, but Irishmen know it as Penneys. Primark sells clothes with the low-budget strategy. The company uses cheap sources, simple designs and materials. This is achieved by buying in bulk.

Primark currently has its stores, except in Ireland, in eight other countries in Europe. The United States will be the tenth country where Primark opens its stores - and the first that is outside Europe.

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