Inditex bought several commercial properties in SoHo, NY

 Feb 01, 2015   General

Don´t you know the company Inditex? Come on, you know, you just cannot come to realize it at this moment. It is about the largest fashion retailer in the world. The company Inditex is also known because it owns clothing brand Zara that millions of women love. And what Spanish company Inditex intends with purchased properties in SoHo?

The Inditex has paid nearly $ 280 million for these properties, which is really a huge amount. The company, however, sees in these properties great potential and expects very favorable return on investment. For example by building huge Zara store that will be situated on Broadway, between Spring and Broome Streets. Store could be open by the end of this year, so all lovers´ store Zara from Brooklyn will certainly rejoice at it.

Inditex buys up properties not only in America but also in Europe

With the Inditex, these purchases of properties are common. In the last few years, it bought a number of large properties located at commercially interesting places, not only in the US but largely in Europe. Four years ago, for example, Inditex bought the former National Basketball Association store, located at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and also several properties in Milan and London. Around the world, the company has more than 6,000 global stores, but they are mostly located in Europe. However, in USA grows more and more these stores and the Inditex enjoys large boom in online shopping here.

Look forward with us to new Zara store in Brooklyn!

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