Miracle City Mall is falling to the ground. What will replace it? Titusville Landing...

 Apr 05, 2015   General

At the end of February, the days of Miracle City Malls were definitely numbered – the days of old shopping mall that could be found up to now in Titusville, Florida. Its fame, however, was already more than lost and for a lot of people it was an eyesore. Therefore it was necessary to figure out what to do with this shopping mall. And what is the solution? New modern shopping mall!

The new center will be called Titusville Landing

But in the 70s and 80s, the Miracle City Mall didn´t acquit badly at all. However, everything had turned over during the next years, mainly because of the ending of the space program, recession and even the age of the shopping mall. Let´s imagine that all these aspects had united together in one - Miracle City Mall was in really difficult situation so it was decided to replace it with a new shopping center.

The problem was also the outflow of tenants; the old ones left the Miracle City Mall, but the new didn´t come. So it was clear as day that the Miracle City Mall has to fall to the ground.

On its place, Titusville Landing will grow – not only a shopping center, which should be completed next spring. This new town center will takes up 320000ft² and total investment in its construction is around $ 60 million. In addition to the shopping area, Titusville Landing would also include an area for social event, a medical facility and a theater.

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