On MLK will be opened a new shopping centre!

 May 10, 2015   General

Everyone who lives in Des Moines or someone who lives nearby, and after all, all who love shopping – to make it short, we ALL are looking forward to this June when will be open another new shopping centre.

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This time, it will be placed on Martin Luther King Junior Parkway; we will call it MLK for short. The main reason for the construction of shopping center is that in the closeness area had been built few residential projects and people from new flats have nowhere to go for entertainment and mainly for shopping.

Shopping center as a fun for the whole family

In addition to the shopping area, the new shopping center will also offer plenty of space for offices and range of restaurants. Although, in these days already exist few restaurants which will be located inside, but their names aren´t yet known. On the other hand, we already know that over 67% of the northern part of the building is even booked by new tenants.

On the first floor of a new shopping center, there will be located four restaurants, then in the second floor will be Anytime Fitness, in the third will be located a rooftop lounge and bar and the fourth floor is still empty. 

Currently, the construction continues and goes according to plans; during May, the first tenants could move to the shopping center. In June, the new shopping center should be put into full operation.

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