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Booster Juice stores locations in database: 55
Largest shopping mall with Booster Juice store: Edmonton City Centre 

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The success of the company is often given by the strong personality – by a man who knows what he wants and goes after it hard. The same is valid in the case of Booster Juice, which was founded in 1999 by Dale Wishewan. During his travels around the United States he had noticed that more and more smoothie bars increasingly appear and that this could be an interesting business opportunity in his native Canada. With Jonathan Amack, they decided to go ahead and to try to create a healthy alternative to fast-foods. Booster Juice beginnings took place in Wishewan´s kitchen, where he devised all sorts of smoothie recipes and tested them on his relatives and friends. In November 1999 he opened the first Booster Juice branch in Sherwood Park, Alberta and people immediately fell in love with it. The following year, another 15 branches Booster Juice were opened and the brand has slowly started becoming a phenomenon. Nothing has changed until day, when Booster Juice has more than 300 offices in the United States, Mexico and of course Canada and planned expansion to other countries. On the current Booster Juice menu you can find not only smoothies, but also delicious hot food offerings like Panini, quesadillas or wraps.

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Booster Juice founded: 1999
Store locations: more than 300
Booster Juice operates in Canada, United States and Mexico.