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Champps stores locations in database: 12
Largest shopping mall with Champps store: Jordan Creek Town Center 

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The popular American restaurants and sports bars chain is known as Champps, but its full name is Champps Americana. Champps originally started as a restaurant named Concourse 7 in St. Paul, Minnesota - this small, modest restaurant has been a popular place for meetings of all people from the neighborhood. Over time, the name was changed to the present form, big screen TVs were added and the restaurant became a sports bar where beer was drawn and sandwiches were served. And it is the same today. In more than 50 locations of Champps in the USA you can find great atmosphere, good cold beer and delicious food - exactly what you expect in the cool sport bar. Everyone at Champps strives to take care of their customers with maximum effort and provide them 100% comfort while they are watching sports. And it surely pays...

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Champps founded: 1984
Store locations: more than 50
Champps operates in United States and the most of its restaurants is on East Coast and Midwest.