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 Jun 01, 2015   Anchor stores

At least one anchor store can be found in every shopping mall or shopping center nowadays. It is about a large store like a supermarket, which is often the most visited place in the whole shopping mall. Today we want to tell you a little about anchor department stores and anchor outlet stores.

The differences between kinds of anchor stores

Anchor department stores are often the largest stores in shopping malls. In the largest shopping malls are usually 3 or 4 anchor department stores. But for the example in the America's largest shopping mall, The King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania, there are 7 anchor tenants with their anchor department stores.

Interesting type of anchor stores is the anchor outlet store - as the name suggests, it is located in outlet malls. It can be an anchor outlet store in which are mixed together more outlet the brands. But more often it is an anchor outlet store with only a single brand that owns most of the retail space in the outlet center.

Anchor stores have a very important significance in retail. For many brands the using of anchor stores is one of the main sources of income. For the owner of shopping center or shopping mall, anchor stores are important mainly because they can attract visitors to other smaller stores.

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