New 45 Aldi stores for California during the next year!

 Aug 02, 2015   General

The German company Aldi is a leading global discount supermarket chain whose branches can be found in 18 countries worldwide. Can you guess the number of stores? Currently, it is more than 9,500 store locations! And because Aldi wants to increasingly expand, the company decided to open new stores in US´s California. What is the plan for this expansion?

New stores as part of a long-term strategic plan

The company announced that they will wait with the opening of the first stores in California until March 2016; then during the rest of the year 2016, other 42 stores would be opened. Aldi does not open new stores off-hand, but all steps are part of a long-term five-year plan – the main aim is to open 650 new stores across entire US. Hand in hand with this the second plan goes, according to which there would be even 2,000 new stores in US until 2018.

Nevertheless, this expansion will not get by without rather significant expenditures. For land, facilities and equipment the company will have to invest more than $ 3 billion. Despite this the Aldi Company decided to use this potential and according to the official statement is ready to fulfill its plans. The main asset, why Californians should get to like Aldi, is primarily a wide range of fresh and quality food at an affordable price.

As a warehouse and district headquarters in California would serve Moreno Valley area. And more than 1,100 new employees would have to find jobs in warehouse, headquarters and in the new stores.

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