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Chili's Bar & Grill stores locations in database: 208
Largest shopping mall with Chili's Bar & Grill store: Westfield Southlake Shopping Centre 

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Do you like spicy food, as well as going out for a meal to well-known restaurants? So you definitely often visit Chili's, American casual dining restaurant chain, whose fame got around even far beyond the borders of US. Chili's, which focuses on Tex-Mex cuisine, was founded in 1975 by Larry Levine with the first branch in Vickery Meadow in Dallas. The main idea of this restaurant concept was to offer people an informal, full-service dining restaurant, in which will be possible to taste various types of keenly priced hamburgers. The idea was really good, because within 5 years for almost 30 Chili's restaurants had been opened. And with similar pace, the company has been growing until today, when it is possible to visit more than 1,600 Chili's branches in 34 countries. Currently Chili's is owned by Brinker International. In 2015 the first African branch of Chili's was even opened in Tunisia and it became the largest Chili's restaurants worldwide. The restaurant is popular not only because of the high-quality service and relatively pleasing prices. It is popular also because of Chili's has, except classic menu, also a special menus like a vegetarian menu, nutritional menu and allergen menu.

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Chili's founded: 1975
Locations: 1,600
Chili's operates in 34 countries all around the world.