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Trying to maximally make the home cozier is the goal not only for millions of women, but for whole families all around the world. People in the US and in a few other states are lucky, because this allows an upscale home furnishing store chain called Pottery Barn. This brand, founded in 1949, specializes in the sale of everything for the home what you can think of - from furniture and bedding through the decor & pillows, accessories for bathroom and lighting to gifts. The company was originally founded as a family company of Paul Secon and his brother Morris. However in the course of time it became the property of GAP, Inc. and in 1986 it was purchased by Williams-Sorona, Inc - and this company owns Pottery Barn till now. In addition to the classic range of goods Pottery Barn also focuses on significantly younger audience. Actually in its offer are special collections, which are sold under the name Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen. The second named, operating since 2003, is very popular and even has another sub brand: PB Dorm, whose target group are young people preparing for college life. If you've never bought something from Pottery Barn, but the brand seems familiar to you, it may be associated with a popular TV series Friends - its main representatives often like to mention this brand. If you would like refurbishing your house or flat, let´s go to one of more than 220 stores, or buy comfortably through Pottery Barn's websites.

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Pottery Barn founded: 1949
Store locations: 222
Pottery Barn operates in United States, Australia, Canada and Middle East.