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Largest shopping mall with Bakers Shoes store: Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Centre 

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Bakers Shoes brand has existed since 1924, when the first its store was opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next decades the Bakers became one of the leaders not only in the US market with shoes. Bakers have become popular with customers across the United States who maintain the brand's favor until now. Brand had experienced its peak in the late 80s, when operates over 600 stores. Less than 10 years later, there were more than 2,500 stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada - the development of the brand in these years was built by the company Edison Brothers. Unfortunately, despite considerable development company finally in 1999 went bankrupt. Luckily, the traditional brand was rescued by a new investor and we can still buy these great shoes. Thanks to the website of the brand you can buy Bakers shoes from the comfort of your home and have them shipped anywhere you want.

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The Bakers founded: 1924
The Bakers operates in United States and sends its shoes to more than 50 countries.